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Mastering the Ways of the Executive Leader

The single biggest challenge facing executives today is achieving life balance. Leadership demands continue to increase caused by smarter competitors, aggressive customers and entitled staff. With more globalization and technology advances short lived, shareholders are looking to executives for leadership, differentiation and best-in-class results. No wonder executives are stressed out and struggling with life balance! This book is about sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom gained over many years of executive management. It highlights good old-fashioned common sense, concentrating on what works in the real world. Written in a conversational style and drawing on examples from the author’s own executive career, you will find current and old methods re-examined, and many new nuggets of executive wisdom that will help regain control of your business life. Once your business life is under control, it’s time to seek out the holy grail for all executives – life balance – the only place where true happiness exists.

About the Author

With a highly successful, and varied international sales and executive career spanning over 28 years, Joe has learned the real-world lessons that make both a great sales professional and a great executive. Having worked in small, mid, and large-size companies including both product and service companies, and having lived and worked in three continents, he shares his wisdom of sales and executive leadership in a way that is easy to understand, steeped in real-world practicality, and ultimately reveals what is really important in today’s ever-changing business environment. He strongly believes that achieving long-term, sustainable success in sales is something that can be learned and can be implemented quickly by those willing to seek higher performance. Joe lives in Switzerland, enjoying the amazing hiking, chocolate and coffee and is happy being a professional writer, speaker, executive coach and troubleshooting consultant for all things sales related.

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  • An experienced executive wanting hyper-performance & life balance
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  • New to executive management and wanting a head start